acne and piss.

10 January 2007

jesus. the most dreaded part of facing a second puberty has scourged my face, neck, and back with a vengeance. seriously annoying that is.

on another note of a far more random nature, i’ve found that i need to up my intake of water, since my piss is now, on average, generally darker than usual (which means that i’m not drinking enough water). since my agua intake hasn’t decreased lately and since i haven’t had any other elements that could alter it, this must be the T, which is a little odd.

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6 January 2007

it might only be due to the fact that i am scrutinizing my face with increased vanity, but i have detected the faintest indication of possible upper lip fuzz for the first time (at 1.5 months).

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t shot # 4.

5 January 2007

yesterday i went to get t shot #4, and found out that i now weigh 124 lbs. at the beginning of the treatment, a month and a half ago, i weighed 114. i have an intensely high metabolism and have never in my life been able to gain weight, so i feel pretty excited to look at my legs (i think the ten pounds is likely all in leg muscle). so my new year/new me resolution is to work out more.

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month number one.

1 January 2007

right before the holidays i received injection number 3, which marked one month on T. i decided to stay at 150mg instead of going up to the customary 200mg. this is mostly because i am interested in the process itself and don’t feel overly pressured to hurry it up. also, the health risks associated with hormones are a concern – not that those will disappear with a lower dose.
changes at this point include:

  • energy – pretty low, which has to do with not getting enough sleep and the fact that the sun is setting by 4pm
  • libido – still up. and up. and up. not only is frequency up, but the orgasms themselves seem more powerful.
  • weight gain – at this point, i’ve gained 4 lbs.
  • musculature/strength – these four pounds are unquestionably muscle. i now do reps of 5 pullups as easily as i was doing 3 a month ago. my leg and butt muscles seem a little more solid (i walk a helluva lot, which is helping with this).
  • period – my period came right after the 3rd shot. it was noticeably shorter (3-4 days instead of 5), and only one of those days had any kind of flowing blood. the rest of the days it was more like just spotting.
  • genitals – dryer. definitely to the point of chafing even, considering all the sex and wanking. no noticeable clit growth as yet, although i would venture a guess that it feels different. stiffer perhaps.

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t injection #2.

7 December 2006

the other day i went back to dr. bartalos for my second injection, which he upped to 150 mg. i have to say that i was a little non-plussed that he made me wait for an hour before giving me the shot because he was making several phone calls. the shot went fine, and it seems that i have gained two pounds – although that could certainly be due to the fact that it is much colder now and i was wearing more clothes. i have started to work out more (primarily doing more push ups and pull ups and the like), but i think that it’s a bit hopeful that that’s already had an effect. my libido is still about the same, and i haven’t noticed much difference in my energy level either.


4 December 2006

a little over a week after i started t, i got my period. the pain was not as bad as usual, and it lasted 4 days instead of 5.

after 1.5 weeks

3 December 2006

after jerking off 3 different times yesterday, i believe that my libido has officially increased. no other developments as yet.

the process begins.

3 December 2006

on november 20, 2006, i went to dr. michael bartalos in manhattan to begin T. i had been seeing a therapist since september, but dr. bartalos is rare in that he does not require a diagnosis of gender disphoria in order to presecribe T.

the doctor’s visit was mostly uneventful: he asked me questions and answered any i had. the only question i didn’t see coming was whether or not i was sure that i wasn’t just gay. i told him that it would be easier to be gay than to be trans. he agreed.

after the Q & A, we went from his office into the exam room. i had already had bloodwork done from a physical 2 months prior (this saved me some money since dr. bartalos isn’t in my insurance network). the biggest surprise in the exam room was when he asked me to lower my pants to check my genitalia; he is required by law to check to make sure he is indeed administering T for gender disphoria and not some dude who wants to be more virile.

overall, it was calm and uneventful. he was able to administer the T right away, since the only wait is for the bloodwork.